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Things We’re Looking Forward To Doing Again, Part 3

We’re continuing to spend a lot of time thinking about things we used to do before the coronavirus outbreak, that we’re looking forward to hopefully doing again once things return to ‘normal.’  We’ve also been spending a lot of time going through our historic image archive at www.archive.gvshp.org, remembering some of those once-common activities, and just exploring the history of our neighborhoods and city.

Today we’re again putting the two together, using our archive to remind ourselves of some of what we love to do or see, and look forward to enjoying again (if you like the image, click on the link in the photo credit to explore the full collection in the archive from which it comes).

Go to the beauty parlor.

Thomas Beauty Salon 1995 now Beauty Bar small.tifThomas Beauty Salon, 231 East 14th Street between 2nd & 3rd Aves (now ‘Beauty Bar’), 1995.  Photo by Meredith Jacobson Marciano.

Paint a mural.

Veselka 144 2 Av, SE corner 9th Street; mural being painted on 9th St side. Mid-1980s.jpgVeselka, 144 2nd Avenue, southeast corner 9th Street, mural being painted on 9th Street, mid-1980s.   Photo by Carole Teller.

Practice social distancing by choice, not public health necessity.

Bleeker St subway stop 1985 small.tifBleecker Street Subway Station at Lafayette Street, 1985.  Photo by Meredith Jacobson Marciano.

Hang out places my parents told me not to go.

Young boys and homeless men, East River waterfront,, looking north, south of the Brooklyn Bridge (near Fulton Street). Early 1960s.jpgYoung boys and homeless men, East River waterfront, looking north, south of the Brooklyn Bridge (near Fulton Street, current site of the South Street Seaport’s Pier 16 & 17), ca. 1963.  Photo by Carole Teller.

Go to our favorite diner.

Moondance Diner 1983.jpg
Moondance Diner, 80 6th Ave between Grand and Canal Streets (removed), 1983.  Photo by Meredith Jacobson Marciano.

Squeeze in on the bus without care.

Riders on a New York City Transit bus, mid-1970s.  Photo by Carole Teller.

Watch some filming on the block.

Felipe Rose of the Village People, Can’t Stop the Music Film Set in front of 244 West 4th St., just south of Charles Street, 1979. Photo by Meredith Jacobson Marciano.

Get some flavored ices from a street vendor.

Sidewalk Ice Vendor on Stanton Street, looking east to north side of Stanton and Orchard Street, with (l.) 86 and (r.) 90-96 Stanton Street visible, mid-1960s.  Photo by Carole Teller.

You can explore our entire historic image archive of 2,200 images from the late 18h through the early 21st century at at www.archive.gvshp.org, and explore by map at www.archive.gvshp.org/image-map. Prints of most images are available for sale, with proceeds supporting our work.

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