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Distance Learning for Children: History and Historic Preservation

Village Preservation has now developed online resources for students from our acclaimed children’s education program, History and Historic Preservation. These videos and activities are designed for children ages 5-7.  During this time of remote learning these are a great resource and a way to keep children engaged and expand their horizons from home.  Watch the videos below and then scroll to the bottom for activities.


Video #1:

This video explores the origins of the name “Greenwich Village,” and what this area was like before European settlers including the Lenape inhabitants of the land. We also look at the early European explorers and settlers of the area, including Henry Hudson and Peter Minuit.

Video #1 Activities:

  1. Time Travel in your neighborhood. Draw a picture on any piece of paper (or print out this page) of what you think your neighborhood or street looked like in the year 1600. Then upload your picture here.
  2. Past & Present Worksheet. Click here to type in your answers or print it out. When you are done, click here to check your answers.

Please check back next week for new activities. Sign up to be notified here.

THANK YOU to narrators Amanda Adams-Louis, Anita Isola, Bobbi Borkin, and Sarah McCully, lead editor Ti Oshima, and assistant editor Dylan Garcia.

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