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Support Local Small Businesses, and Learn Some History While You’re At It!

Did you know that for many local small businesses, more than half their revenue is generated in November and December, which brings them into the black for the year and allows them to stay afloat? This is especially true for sales-based businesses like bookstores. So please consider supporting neighborhood small businesses this time of year, especially during this challenging time — we want them around in 2021 and beyond!

Here’s just two ways we’re trying to help:

Small Business/Big History Tour

At Mudd Coffee Spot, East 9th Street. Photo by Suzanne Schein

We’re partnering with some great local independent businesses for a signage program to promote foot traffic and patronage, while also spreading knowledge about our neighborhoods’ rich history.

New York Chemists, 77 Christopher Street.

The history-focused window pieces have some fascinating stories and background about the building in which the business is located, or about the block or neighborhood.

Bravo’s Book Nook at The Players Theatre | 115 MacDougal Street,

Use the map below for all the “Small Business/Big History” spots (we’re adding more every day!), and while you’re learning some great history, do some shopping or make a purchase at a local independent business that supports preservation and is proud of neighborhood history.

Click here to visit the map: https://www.villagepreservation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/SmallBusinessMap.pdf

We’ve long known that small businesses and historic preservation go hand in hand, with one supporting the other – check out our “Small Businesses Thrive in Landmarked Areas” video series and our survey showing lower retail vacancy rates in landmarked areas. Are you a small business that would like to participate in our Small Business/Big History signage program, and get free promotion via our e-newsletter and social media channels? Just email info@villagepreservation.org.

Save our Storefronts Legislation

With winter coming and an expected increase in COVID-19 cases and possible new restrictions on dining and gathering, it’s more important than ever that we help local small businesses who can’t meet their rent. That’s why we’re supporting the Save Our Storefronts (S.O.S.) legislation in Albany, introduced by local State Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblymember Harvey Epstein, which would provide relief to both COVID-affected small businesses and property owners when storefront businesses can’t pay the full rent, splitting the burden between the business, the property owner, and the government to cover the shortfall. The bill has strong support from local businesses and property owners, and increasing support from legislators in Albany.

What the S.O.S. legislation would do

Write State Legislators To Support Save Our Storefronts (S.O.S.) Legislation – CLICK HERE

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