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Announcing the Arthur A. Levin Internship

Art Levin has been a valued member of the Board of Trustees since 1998, and served as President of the Board from 2011 to 2021 — the longest tenure of any president in the organization’s history. We are proud to announce the board had welcomed Art as President Emeritus, the first in Village Preservation history, and the establishment of the Arthur A. Levin internship focusing on cultural history in his honor.

Village Preservation Trustee Art Levin

Art led the organization as President of the Board of Trustees through some of its greatest triumphs, including the designation of Phases 2 and 3 of our proposed South Village Historic District, saving the homes of Frank Stella and Willem De Kooning from the wrecking ball, and the designation of the Stonewall Inn and other LGBTQ+ landmarks, among many others. He also led the organization through a successful rebranding, name change, and launch of a new website, all initiatives of tremendous consequence to the organization and its future.

Art speaking at Village Preservations 2019 Annual Meeting

Under Art’s leadership, the organization experienced phenomenal growth, with steady increases in the size of its membership, staff, programming, and resources offered to the public. The organization has grown to become not only a recognized leader in Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo, but a leading voice for historic preservation across the city and country.

Art Levin, ca. 1986

Village Preservation’s board, staff, and the community owe Art a deep debt of gratitude for his invaluable leadership contributions of time, expertise, patience, good will, and humor.

Our First Art Levin Intern

Kate McClintock began interning with Village Preservation in February 2020. She is a Brooklynite who developed a love for Greenwich Village in high school. As an artist, musician, and writer, she recognizes the luck of growing up in New York City, where so many before her have also been inspired.

Kate McClintock

Kate spends most of her time at Village Preservation on working on our programming, in addition to implementing our rebranding, creating promotional video clips and video editing, and doing graphic design work. These issues are near and dear to Art’s heart, and so it was clear that Kate was a perfect choice for this newly created role. 

When informed that she would be selected as the first Art Levin Intern, Kate said: “I am so incredibly honored. Not only to work here with this amazing team (and I have felt honored, every day, to work here for a year and a half!), but to be a part of honoring everything that Art has done and continues to do for Village Preservation. It will be my privilege to hold this title.

Click here to make a donation in recognition of Art Levin.

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