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April Programming at Village Preservation

Photo of Indepedent Booksellers: Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books, Book Club Bar, and Printed Matter.
(l. to r.) Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books, Book Club Bar, and Printed Matter.

Join Village Preservation in April for a range of events that focus on our rich culture in Greenwich Village, NoHo, and the East Village. You will have an opportunity to learn more about the history of arts and culture in our neighborhoods, as well as participate in workshops that build our ability to preserve beloved physical and cultural elements of our communities.

Ukrainian Culture and the Tradition of Pysanky

In April we offer two opportunities to dive deeper into the tradition of Ukrainian Pysanky.

As the world looks to support Ukraininans and our Ukrainian Community here in the East Village, we will offer a look at a seasonal tradition that has ancient roots. Whether you would like a practical, hands-on learning experience or an opportunity to dive more deeply into the history of Ukrainian Pysanky, Village Preservation has something for you.

Lecture on April 14th: The Ancient Magic of the Pysanka

Join Village Preservation to learn about the history, significance, and craft of Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs.) Explore this cultural craft that reflects the East Village’s Ukrainian culture. We’ll discover about the process of creating a pysanka as well as getting a look at one Ukrainian-American family’s pysanky collection. You’ll see several tools and techniques used for writing pysanky and have an opportunity to ask Emily Robbins questions about the history, meaning, and influence of pysanky from pagan times to now. Register today for this lecture on Zoom.

Workshop on April 20: Ukrainian Pysanky 101

Limited seats remain available for our workshop with Emily on how to create Pysanky. This step-by-step workshop will guide you through the art and craft of making Ukrainian Easter eggs as we honor the ancient magic of this art form by making our own. Though this is a 101 workshop, the instructor is happy to guide experienced students through other designs (just let us know if you are an experienced Pysanky maker a week before the class). Registrants will receive a list of materials they must acquire for this workshop, and you can obtain these materials while supporting the Ukrainian Museum right here in the East Village. We will take a waiting list once the class is full and if there is significant interest we can schedule another workshop for the community! Register now to secure one of the final seats in this class held over Zoom.

Supporting Local Businesses

Panel Discussion on April 26: Neighborhood Bookstores in the Age of Amazon

Ever wonder “Just how do these independent stores stay open for our community against seeming insurmountable obstacles?” Join Village Preservation as we hear from three local booksellers that have greatly enriched our neighborhoods and managed to thrive in the age of Amazon, or are making a bet that they will: Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books, Book Club Bar, and Printed Matter.

Register for this panel on zoom.

Be in the Room…Remotely

Robert Harersmith and Herket “Herbert” Lewis “Louis” Smith Library of the Salmagundi Club

Village Preservation is thrilled to begin holding in-person programs again with The Artistic Tradition in Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo. Our Executive Director, Andrew Berman, will share an illustrated talk about how our neighborhoods came to define the American and Western art world, and how they shaped and even sometimes appeared in some of the great works of art of the last two centuries. The in-person registration is full, as we are continuing to follow capacity restrictions that help keep our community safe. However, you can still be “in the room where it happens” virtually.

Register for the livestream of this event here.

Plaque Unveiling: Julius’ Bar and the historic civil rights “Sip-In”

Corner outside Julius’ Bar

Plaque Unveiling on April 21: Julius’ Bar

Help us to permanently commemorate one of the most significant pre-Stonewall LGBTQ+ civil rights actions, which took place right here in Greenwich Village, and to celebrate a long-time and beloved local business. Register to join us for our latest plaque unveiling (this time in collaboration with NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project) to recognize the Julius’ Bar “Sip-In” that occurred at this site on April 21, 1966. Join us at 6pm in front of the bar at Waverly Place and West 10th Street. All are welcome to attend, but we STRONGLY urge you to register in advance so we can be sure to make necessary accommodations for the crowd.

Register here.

Learning from the Past to Secure Our Communities’ Future

Image of the Project Boundary and Land Use Plan for Cooper Square Urban Renewal Area

Workshop on April 7: Community Land Trusts 101

Village Preservation has invited New Economy Project to share an introduction to Community Land Trusts with our community members. Community Land Trusts are a tool in our collective preservation toolbox that has been used in our neighborhoods for some time. As nonprofit corporations that hold land on behalf of a place-based community, Community Landtrusts serve as the long-term steward for affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of that community. Learn about this history and current use of Community Land Trusts and what is happening right now to help residents take more control of the land where they live. Register today for this workshop that will take place on Zoom.

We hope you will join us for one of our many events in April. Stay tuned for more ways to get involved as we continue to grow our offerings in-person, virtually, and even asynchronously (in other words–on your own time.)

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