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Meet the Interns — Fall 2022 

Village Preservation’s team is a strong one – we’re lucky to have a group of interns who are looking to gain experience in historic preservation in a non-profit environment. Interns assist our growing, dynamic, community‐oriented team of staff to take on educational, programming, advocacy, research, administrative, and fundraising projects.

From L: Irine Le, Chloe Gregoire, Maya Wilson

Not to brag, but we know that our intern team is the best and brightest; organized, detail‐oriented, energetic self‐starters who care deeply about our neighborhoods and their architecture, cultural history, small businesses, and eclectic local institutions and residents.

We are excited to welcome two new team members: Irine Li, and Hunter Public Service Scholar Chloe Gregoire. And we’re thrilled to announce that Maya Wilson has been appointed as our newest Arthur A. Levin Intern, a position that focuses on cultural history.

Irine Le

Irine is originally from Oakland, California, and came to New York to study at The New School, from which she graduated with a B.A. in History and a minor in Visual Studies. At the New School, Irine focused on media history and visual culture, and how those fields have historically impacted urban communities.

Irine is interested in exploring how photography, music, and writing have shaped New York City’s culture and communities. She is thrilled to join the Village Preservation team to research and learn more about the local neighborhood’s rich history (though she wishes Veselka was still open 24/7). Irine also works at the Rubin Museum of Art.

Chloe Gregoire

Village Preservation is very fortunate to partner with the Public Service Scholar Program at Hunter College, and we are excited to welcome Chloe as our 2022-23 Scholar. Chloe grew up in New York City and is a senior at Hunter College studying Urban Studies and Classical Studies. Through her coursework and life experiences, she has learned to appreciate the city’s cultural and architectural history. She previously explored this interest as an intern at the Landmark Preservation Commission. She is excited to continue to learn about and work to help preserve the city at Village Preservation. 

The experiential Hunter Public Service Scholar Program provides a curriculum on how the city organizes services and the social policies that shape it. It allows participants to see how economic, social, and political concepts undergird the city government’s role in programs and policies, and the underlying principles of the functioning of non-profit and public service organizations. This is our fourth year in partnership with Hunter College, and we have been honored and grateful to be a part of the education of these fine students.

Maya Wilson

Maya began her internship at Village Preservation in July, 2022. She recently graduated from the New School, where she majored in Interdisciplinary Arts with a concentration in Visual Studies. Through her courses, Maya has developed a strong passion for the aesthetics of urban spaces and artists who explore the cultural and social structures of cities.

When accepting the position as the Arthur A. Levin Intern focusing on cultural history, Maya said: “I’m honored to be offered this role. Learning about Greenwich Village’s heritage and history has been a shining highlight of my time at Village Preservation, and I’m very excited to continue to engage with history through this role.”

Though we are not are not currently hiring, if you’re interested in working as an intern at Village Preservation, apply here. We will contact you when a position becomes available, or you can check back in a few months.

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