What They’re Saying About Village Preservation

“A force to be reckoned with.”

Crain’s New York Business

“Among…the most powerful players in New York’s real estate community.”

The Real Deal Magazine

“An inspiration to other preservation organizations.”

The Preservation League of NYS

“A model of advocacy for other neighborhoods.”

NY Landmarks Conservancy

“In terms of outreach and advocacy, I don’t think there’s a neighborhood that has a stronger and a more vocal spokesman.”

Margaret Castillo, American Institute of Architect’s New York Chapter


“The fact that Village Preservation staffers monitor applications daily for changes to landmarked properties means we no longer have to keep round-the-clock watch on the St. Mark’s Historic District; they notify us when the fox is in the chicken coop.”

– Marilyn Appleberg, President, 10th & Stuyvesant Streets Block Association

“The tenants are especially grateful to Village Preservation for its support over all that time, including numerous appearances before the Board of Standards and Appeals and a willingness to meet with other supporters and offer advice and opportunities for outreach within and beyond our community.”

– Alice Baldwin, Representative, 515 East 5th Street Tenants

“We got in touch with Village Preservation, and their executive director…he was such an inspiration – he knew what to do, he prepared us for all the public hearings, and he always took the time to talk to us and answer all our questions.”

I enjoy receiving updates from Village Preservation, and I am always astounded at what an energetic organization they are. I will continue to support them as they do their amazing job fighting to preserve the landscape and character of Greenwich Village.”

– Caroline Benveniste, 30-year Village Resident and Steering Committee member, Protect the Village Historic District (PVHD)

“Village Preservation protects our neighborhood’s beautiful buildings and streetscapes. Village Preservation nurtures the community of people (residents and non-residents) who care about Greenwich Village. Also, Village Preservation advocates for Greenwich Village effectively at every turn. I am proud to be a member of Village Preservation and depend on the organization to preserve the community where I love to live.”

– Katy Bordonaro, Co-Chair, Greenwich Village Community Task Force

“I have worked closely with Village Preservation for more than 10 years to preserve our beloved neighborhood and secure landmark status. Village Preservation has been and remains invaluable to all who value their surroundings – through education, information, tours, lectures, and honoring those people and businesses who have contributed to making the Villages great. Because of Village Preservation, the Bleecker Area Merchants’ and Residents’ Association never gave up on its drive to preserve Village History.”

– Judith Monaco-Callet, former Resident Chair, Bleecker Area Merchants’ and Residents’ Association

“We can’t say enough how Village Preservation was instrumental in our Far West Village community’s fight against an oversize hotel being built at the corner of Washington and Perry Streets.

What was special about Village Preservation was that it guided but never dedicated a way forward…While they gave us strategic advice and encouragement, our community grew stronger by working hard ourselves and fighting forward in true equal partnership with Village Preservation…The end result? Victory!”

– Alice Carey & Geoffrey Knox, co-founders, Perry Street Crusaders and 40-plus year Village residents

“The work of the Village Preservation is vital in maintaining the Village’s beloved and important role in New York City’s illustrious history.”

– Vin Cipolla, Former President, Municipal Art Society

“The work of Village Preservation has helped ensure that the historical treasures of our neighborhood are not destroyed, because once something is lost and gone forever.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it is imperative that someone keeps an eye on the important historical assets that make it the Village. Without their diligent work, it could all just slip away. I am grateful for the work Village Preservation did to landmark Westbeth, the artists’ community. Through their diligence, we have obtained Federal, State, and City landmark designation. None of this would have happened without them spearheading this effort. The work that Village Preservation does ensures that the fabric that makes the Village “The Village,” known and loved worldwide, will always be with us.”

– George Cominskie, over-30-year Westbeth resident and former President, Westbeth Artists Residents Council

“Since 1980 the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has been a stalwart advocate for the people and businesses that call Greenwich Village home, by preserving and protecting the buildings that make their neighborhoods special. Their accomplishments have made them a leader among the state’s preservation organizations. At the Preservation League of NYS we have been proud to support their efforts through grants and advocacy, and we look forward to many more years of successful partnership.”

– Jay A. DiLorenzo, President, Preservation League of New York State

“The broad scope of Village Preservation’s initiatives over the last decade is downright awe inspiring; it would be hard for anyone to name a more prolific organization in the field of preservation. I shudder to think how sterile New York City would look in 50 years without Village Preservation’s critical conservation efforts, which will be appreciated for generations to come.”

– Eric Ferrara, Founder and Executive Director, Lower East Side History Project and author of The Bowery: A History of Grit, Graft, and Grandeur

“Village Preservation is a great community partner holding out a big vision for how our neighborhood can sustain its people, its character, and its distinctive sense of place in the face of tremendous change. I trust Village Preservation to be thoughtful in its approach, thorough in its research, courageous in its voice, and a committed champion for a livable, diverse neighborhood.”

– Ryan Gilliam, Executive Director, Downtown Art & FABnyc

“In a decade of the highest real estate development pressure seen in recent memory, it is nothing short of a miracle how much additional landmark and zoning protection Village Preservation has secured for Greenwich Village. Village Preservation’s thoughtful, sound, and strategic leadership is widely respected in government circles.”

– Roberta Brandes Gratz, author of The Battle for Gotham: New York in the Shadow of Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs and former New York City Landmarks Commissioner

“It’s incredible to see how much Village Preservation has managed to help preserve over the last ten years. Beautiful churches and rowhouses, the homes of great artists and writers, stables, sailor’s hotels, Picasso sculptures, schools, and synagogues — all that history, now safe due to their hard work.”

– John Leguizamo, actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter

“The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has been one of the most important preservation organizations, responsible in part for the designation of ten Historic Districts and extensions and fifty individual landmarks.

When I was Chairman of the NYC Landmarks Commission I considered Village Preservation to be very significant for the preservation of New York City. So significant, that when I was no longer a member of the Commission, I became a member of Village Preservation.”

– Beverly Moss Spatt, former Chair, New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, and former New York City Planning

“As East Village residents for over 20 years, we feel extremely lucky to have Village Preservation helping to protect the cultural heritage of the neighborhoods that surround us. Without their tireless preservation efforts, pushing for zoning and landmark protections, many of the buildings, places, and small stores we visit and walk by daily, would now be gone, or at the very least, hidden from view by out-of-scale new development. Not only are we proud to be active members of Village Preservation, but we have also spent years documenting the neighborhood’s small independently-owned businesses, working closely with Village Preservation. They have graciously supported our efforts through free lectures and book talks, all with the same goal in mind, to bring awareness to the public of the importance these small places have in our community. We also feel honored to have been the recipients of the Village Preservation 2015 Regina Kellerman Award, which further motivated us to continue our work documenting the small mom and pop stores which help make the neighborhoods of the city a unique and wonderful place to both visit and live.”

– James & Karla Murray, Photographers and authors of The Disappearing Face of New York, New York Nights, Broken Windows and Store Front II – A History Preserved

“My first encounter with Village Preservation was back in 1996 when I was seeking approval to restore my future home, an 1835 Townhouse on Leroy Street near Bleecker. Since that time Village Preservation has only grown stronger and more effective. Their emails are useful and informative. Their advocacy and community organizational strengths are making a clear and meaningful difference. With the values of real estate going sky high, so would the buildings around us if we do not stand together. We can all be thankful for the exemplary leadership and courage that Village Preservation provides on an ongoing basis.”

– Robert Perl, President, Tower Brokerage

“My first encounter with Village Preservation was hearing their Executive Director speak at a Community Board 2 meeting that I attended shortly after NYU announced their 2031 capital expansion program.

Andrew and I met the following week in his office and we discussed our mutual concerns and how our two organizations might help each other. While my initial outreach to Village Preservation was a practical matter of acting in the best interests of UCATS members, it wasn’t long before I became a convert to the neighborhood preservation movement. Village Preservation opened my eyes to the architectural heritage that is too quickly vanishing from the New York City landscape as developers rush to profit from the real estate boom.”

– Stephen Rechner, President of Union of Clerical, Administrative, & Technical Staff at NYU (UCATS Local 3882)

“I moved in early fall of 1945. I loved it then for the traditional look, the scale of streets and buildings its history and of course for the famously liberal residents. Preserving that feeling and look is important to me and the organization exists to ensure that. That is also what I value most about Village Preservation – that you keep fighting for preservation, often more effectively than any other group, in the city.”

– Mimi Sheraton, Former food critic at The New York Times, author of 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die, and Village resident since 1945

“In the midst of an extraordinarily go-go real estate boom that has seemed intent on obliterating every single architectural record of lower Manhattan’s glorious past, Village Preservation has been saving that history one block and building at a time. They’re protecting more than just buildings and streetscapes, but the endangered soul and character of the greatest city on earth.”

– John Strausbaugh, author of The Village: 400 Years of Beats and Bohemians

“What a blessing Village Preservation is for this city! I try not to think of how terrible the city would be without it. Unfortunately, more times than one would like, money and change for change’s sake are valued over history and quality. Village Preservation is fighting the good fight to preserve what should be preserved. I’m most grateful for their putting their substantial talents, efforts and energy to work against the powers that be that figuratively and literally are bulldozing our architectural heritage. The organization is a most significant force for good.

Along with Village Preservation’s hard work for preservation, there are the superb education program of lectures, presentations and tours that bring new insights and information about preservation, history and the neighborhood. Their programs create a small town feeling not only by the excellent choice of topics and presenters, but by the staff’s knowing participants by name, and creating a welcoming and wonderful sense of community. May Village Preservation continue to flourish!”

– Carole Teller, Long time East Village Resident, Painter and Member of the Salmagundi Club

“Village Preservation has taught me how important vigilance is in protecting our neighborhoods from being victimized by out-of-control development in New York City. Our historic buildings and districts are perpetually threatened and I count on Village Preservation to keep me abreast of where my neighborhood is being attacked and what I can do about it, whether it be writing to my elected officials, testifying at a public hearing, or attending a protest, rally, or press conference. To me, the most valuable offering of Village Preservation is their dedicated mission to fight for overarching solutions to protect the cultural heritage of my neighborhood through zoning and landmark protections, and challenging legislation to make it easier for historic buildings to go up for grabs to developers.”

– Kirsten Theodos, East Village Resident

“I really value how The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation fights to defend and celebrate our neighborhood. Village Preservation has successfully fought for landmark and zoning protections to preserve the historic character and scale of the Village and prevent overdevelopment, all while also recognizing and honoring our small businesses, local leaders, and community institutions. They also do an incredible job of educating the public about what’s going on and how they can get involved. I have lived in the Far West Village for over 35 years and appreciate how Village Preservation helps make and keep the village the unique and vibrant community I love. Thank you Village Preservation for all that you do!”

– Gay Young, Vice President of Donor Services at The New York Community Trust, West Village Houses