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Landmark 50 West 13th Street, Home of 19th-Century African American Voting Rights Crusader Jacob Day

The 1846 house at 50 West 13th Street in Greenwich Village, home of 19th-century African American voting rights and civil rights crusader Jacob Day and the 13th Street Repertory Theater, is endangered. With a new owner of the building and a new Mayor, we must renew our push to preserve and protect the building.

Proposal for 44-54 Ninth Avenue/351-55 West 14th Street

Tell City Officials to Save the Nine Landmarked 1840s Meatpacking District Houses Not to Demolish

The City has failed to provide adequate justification for ordering the demolition of nine landmarked 1840s houses in the Meatpacking District. Despite repeated requests from groups like Village Preservation, the City and developer have failed to provide any evidence that these houses could not be braced, shored, and repaired, rather than largely demolished. This is unacceptable.

72, 74-76, 78, 80 Fifth Avenue

Urge City Officials to Follow the State’s Lead by Recognizing and Protecting the Historic Significance of the Area South of Union Square NOW

New York State has recognized the historic significance of the endangered area South of Union Square. So have thousands of New Yorkers, along with leading scholars, writers, academics, historians, preservationists, and elected officials have supported landmarking this area. Tell our city’s leaders — via email, tweet, or both — that it’s time they do the same and support landmark designation of this area right away.

Save Old P.S. 64/CHARAS

Tell Mayor de Blasio to live up to his campaign promise and work to reacquire old P.S. 64/CHARAS and return it to community use.

Urge City Officials to deliver on their ‘Equity Framework’ and landmark 285-287 East 3rd Street

Tell the Landmarks Preservation Commission to take immediate action in honoring the legacy of Steve Cannon with 285-287 East 3rd Street’s designation as a landmark.

Save the Merchant’s House Museum

Proposed construction next door to the Merchant’s House Museum could do grave damage to this historic and vital public resource.

Support Protection for Women’s Rights and Civil Rights Landmarks South of Union Square Today!

A remarkable concentration of sites connected to the civil rights movements of LGBTQ+ people, women, and African Americans are located in the area south of Union Square, and are vulnerable to alteration, demolition, and replacement. Support our campaign to preserve this district’s history.

Protect Julius’ Bar and other important sites of LGBT history

Tell the Mayor and Landmarks Preservation Commission to formally recognize and protect additional sites of incredible importance to LGBT history such as Julius’ Bar.

Expand Landmark Protections in the East Village

Urge the LPC Chair to to support significantly expanded landmark protections in the East Village, as advocated for by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation and a broad coalition of neighborhood and preservation organizations.

Support COVID-Affected Small Businesses

Urge state officials to support Senate Bill S3349 / Assembly Bill A3190 regarding rent payments for small businesses affected by COVID

Support the East Village Special Retail District

Urge City Officials to Support support the East Village Special Enhanced Commercial District supported by Community Board #3.

Support the Small Business Jobs Survival Act

Urge City officials to support Intro. 0737-2018, the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA), and to allow a hearing and a vote on the bill as soon as possible.