The Albert Hotel complex consists of four buildings at 23 East 10th Street/40-52 East 11th Street/65-67 University Place. Albert Rosenbaum constructed the building shown on the left, the second oldest section of the former hotel, an eight-story “French Flat” designed in 1881-82 by Henry Hardenbergh, architect of the Plaza Hotel and the Dakota. Originally used for residential purposes, this building was innovative in its use of apartment-house design for middle- or upper-class residents. Buchman & Fox architects designed the 12-story Beaux-Arts–style extension to its right in 1902-03. The final section, a six-story neo-Colonial building, was designed by William L. Bottomly and the firm of Sugarman & Hess in 1922-1924. From the 1880s through the early 1970s, the hotel played a large role in New York City’s cultural life. During the postwar era, prominent painters, writers, photographers, and musicians found inspiration at the hotel, which was also a center of political organizing and activity.

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Photo by Dylan Chandler