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Street Address/Name of Historic Property/Historic Property Address: 184 East 7th Street

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I oppose the siting of a 32-ft.-tall 5G tower at 184 East 7th Street next to Tompkins Square and urge it be rejected. 

No. 184 East 7th Street is an elaborately detailed and largely intact 1899 Neo-Renaissance–style old law tenement designed by the prominent architectural firm of Schneider and Herter. Tompkins Square Park is one of New York City’s oldest parks with a wealth of historic monuments, statuary, and other resources from the 19th and 20th centuries. The proposed 5G tower at this location would negatively impact views of both, each of which are important historic resources in their own right. 

Historic preservation regulations are supposed to ensure that installations like these proposed towers do not take place in locations like this, where they could so profoundly impact historic resources like 184 East 7th Street and Tompkins Square Park. I urge you to reject the proposed siting of the 5G tower here.