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Street Address: 445 West Street

Name of Historic Property: Westbeth

Historic Property Address: 445 West Street

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I oppose the siting of a 32-ft.-tall 5G tower at 445 West Street next to Westbeth and urge it be rejected. 

Westbeth is a recognized New York City and State as well as a national landmark of extraordinary significance in both 19th- and 20th-century history. From its time as the Bell Telephone Labs, where groundbreaking innovations in sound technology took place, to its trailblazing adaptive reuse as affordable artists’ housing and workspace, Westbeth has been a place of tremendous history and transformation. Additionally, its architecture stands as a bold statement of late 19th- and early 20th-century industry and of mid- to late 20th-century modernism and adaptation. Its significance could not be more clear. 

Historic preservation regulations are supposed to ensure that installations like these proposed towers do not take place in locations like this, where they could so profoundly impact historic resources like Westbeth. I urge you to reject the proposed siting of the 5G tower here.