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Name of Historic Property: 771 Greenwich Street/99 Bank Street 

Historic Property Address: 771 Greenwich Street/99 Bank Street 

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I oppose the siting of a 32-ft.-tall 5G tower at 771 Greenwich Street/99 Bank Street and urge it be rejected. 

The proposed location is squarely within the Greenwich Village Historic District, one of New York City’s oldest, largest, and most important locally designated historic districts, and within a State and National Register district of national significance. The building it would directly front is a well-preserved 1890 loft building with intact original cast iron columns, cornice, and other late 19th-century details. This is one of the larger buildings in the immediate vicinity, yet the proposed 32-ft.-tall would nevertheless severely impact views of the building, as well as of surrounding row houses that are in some cases no taller than the tower itself. The proposed shiny metallic structure is out of context in these brick and masonry surroundings, and would severely diminish the historic nature of the area.  

Historic preservation regulations are supposed to ensure that installations like these proposed towers do not take place in locations like this, where they could so profoundly impact historic resources such as these. I urge you to reject the proposed siting of the 5G tower here.