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NYU a “Bitter Subject” for Designer Patricia Field

We all know NYU has made more than a few enemies in the Village over the years with their aggressive eviction and development practices.  But who knew that Sex and the City (and so much more) designer Patricia Field was one of their casualties?

According to a recent piece in the Architect’s Newspaper blog, “The Trouble With Eighth Street,” the fabulous designer thinks that “NYU killed Eighth Street.”  She seems to feel pretty strongly about the subject, and to speak from personal experience.  Said her spokesperson Dennis Bernard as quoted in the article:

“This is a bitter subject for Patricia as she was forced to not only close her store on Eighth Street but also leave her home [she was residing on the top floor of the building]…In 2002, NYU kicked her out and all the other business followed. NYU killed Eighth Street. This all she has to say about it.”

Eighth Street

The not-so-flattering commentary came in the context of a study recently commissioned and released by NYU which more or less says (surprise, surprise) NYU is great for the Village, and identifies 8th Street as an area that needs help.

Apparently evicting one of 8th Street’s most successful merchants is a way that NYU helps the Village, and a way they might be able to help 8th Street further.



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