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This St. Patrick’s Day, Celebrate in the Village!

New York City has no shortage of Irish watering holes, but if you’re looking to escape the parade crowds there are plenty of Village pubs where you can celebrate St. Patty’s Day!  Let’s start over by the Hudson and work our way east….

Brass Monkey (55 Little West 12th Street)
Opened in the summer of 2004, this 2 floor exposed brick and wood-paneled neighborhood hangout in the Meatpacking District was welcomed by Far West Villagers as the first place they were able to get a smooth Guinness.  That’s not your beer of choice?  No problem, let the Irish bartenders pour you one of their 75 other varieties, which you can enjoy on the rooftop overlooking the river.

L: rooftop of the Brass Monkey; R: interior shot of Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks (56 Greenwich Avenue)
Under the same ownership as the Galway Hooker, this bar has gotten rave reviews from the likes of New York Magazine and has been able to “out-Irish” most of its counterparts by constructing a mock Gaelic village in the spacious three-room bar, complete with country-house facades, brick arches, and windows looking out onto the ‘countryside’.”  And if the weather is nice there’s a lovely sidewalk cafe.
Downtown Galway Hooker (133 7th Avenue South)
Owned and operated by true Irish, this 4 story bar boasts a menu derived from the owner’s mother’s recipes.  Decor is imported straight from the homeland and the pub is known for its prized Midleton whiskey from County Cork.

L: front bar of the Downtown Galway Hooker; R: entrance to the Slaughtered Lamb

The Slaughtered Lamb (182 West 4th Street)
Based on the ancient Irish practice of sacrificing a lamb and smearing the blood over the doors as part of a ritual to ward off the evil spirit of the Werewolf, this bar/restaurant’s name is inspired by the pub in An American Werewolf in London where two hapless NYU students are attacked by a werewolf after leaving the establishment.

Mr. Dennehy’s (63 Carmine Street)
This bar’s owner, Donal Dennehy of Cork, created a laid back Irish pub and restaurant that was featured in a Guinness commercial.  Neighbors love the back, outdoor cafe facing 7th Avenue South.

L: the rear patio of Mr. Dennehy's; R: a seating area at Central Bar

Central Bar (109 East 9th Street)
Though primarily a sports bar and dance club (in the later hours), this Irish saloon is known for its delicious Irish brunch.

Lunasa (126 1st Avenue)
According to the contemporary Irish pub’s website, “the name translates to August in Gaelic….Lunasa or Lughnasadh (loo-na-sah) is a Celtic Harvest Festival in honor of the ancient sun god Lugh. Lunasa was not only a time to bless the fruits of harvest, it was also a time for laughter, dancing and the celebration of life. At Lunasa we honor these traditions and invite you to celebrate them with us.”

L: Lunasa; R: Mary O's

Mary O’s (32 Avenue A)
With the tagline “Irish Elegance on Avenue A,” Mary O’s prides itself as much on its chic decor as it does on its twists on modern Irish pub fair.

One & One (76 East 1st Street)
Priding itself on its decade-long location at “the nexus of the universe” (the downstairs lounge is actually called Nexus), One & One is said to have an ambiance similar to that of today’s trendy neighborhoods of Dublin.  And definitely check out their adorable website!!

L: corner shot of One & One; R: interior shot of Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray (205 East 4th Street)
Opened this past New Year’s Eve by the great grand-nephew of Oscar Wilde, this Irish pub’s wall decor is covered in famous author’s portraits.  The bathroom is even wallpapered in a Paradise Lost theme.   Don’t worry, you can still get a Guinness and Shepard’s Pie in this literary pub.

And, of course, don’t think we forgot the Village’s most famous Irish bar….McSorley’s!  Located at 15 East 7th Street, this is the City’s oldest continuously operating bar.  The floor is covered in sawdust and you have two options to drink- light or dark.  It wasn’t until 1970 that women were allowed into the bar, and even later that they were given their own restroom, but today everyone can enjoy McSorley’s historic feel.

GVSHP wishes you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  Cheers!

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