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Time & Space on the Lower East Side

If you’ve gotten our program email or flyer you know that Time and Space on the Lower East Side is the title of one of our upcoming eventsBut it’s also a wonderful book of photographs that looks backward and forward, positing the idea that places are not simply “then and now,” but exist in a continuum of decay and rebirth.  These photographs of the Lower East Side/East Village were taken by Brian Rose, in collaboration with Ed Fausty, with a 4×5 view camera in 1980.  While buildings crumbled and burned, artists and musicians came to explore and express the edgy quality of the place. After the wrenching events of 9/11, Mr. Rose was drawn back to New York and eventually decided to return to where he had begun—the Lower East Side. While keeping an eye on the 1980 photographs, he sought to rediscover the neighborhood with fresh eyes, with the perspective of time, change, and history.

The April 2nd program will be a presentation by Brian Rose of his new book, which will also be available for sale and signing.  Brian will explore the actual before & after images and also discuss his experiences taking and studying the photos.  Fittingly, the event is co-sponsored by the Fourth Arts Block, where Brian has participated in public art projects.  Recently he presented WTC, part of FAB’s ArtUp rotating public art project.  The exhibit displayed a panoramic montage of extreme close up details of the World Trade Center’s architectural façade, evoking memories of a simpler, more innocent pre-9/11 moment. The composition was mounted 14 feet above the sidewalk, on the ArtUp scaffolding bridge at the 70 East 4th Street Cultural Center.


Brian’s presentation on Time and Space on the Lower East Side will take place at 7pm on Monday, April 2 at the Duo Theater, 62 East 4th Street.  If you’re interested in attending please email rsvp@gvshp.org or call 212-475-9585.

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