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Save World of Video

The World of Video at 51 Greenwich Avenue, the oldest and longest-running video rental store in the West Village, has been an important film archival resource for the public, the three major TV networks, and numerous notable filmmakers, because of its tremendous library of rare and classic films, as well as the matchless expertise and extensive knowledge of its beloved staff.

 Unfortunately, this invaluable library of film is slated to close on April 28th. However, its employees and 10,000 plus devoted patrons want very much for the store to continue at another venue, within neighborhood proximity.  While some of the inventory has been sold off in preparation for the closing, a business account has been opened, with some donations given toward purchase of the remaining inventory.  But more is needed to establish a new collection of equal caliber in a new location.

 Many members of the community, who treasure not only access to such a great resource but also the sense of artistic community and fellowship the World of Video represents as a unique gathering place for like-minded folks, are very distressed about the situation.

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