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It’s baseball season….exclusively!

OK World Cup is over, so now the spotlight is on baseball.

It always bothers me that basketball and hockey are still being played in the month of June. But that’s just me. And this year, the once-every-four-years World Cup seemed to be more popular than ever.

So I’m happy that the focus is on baseball, as it should be.

source: mlb.com

A while ago I wrote about some East Village sports bars. So to be fair, I’ll now spotlight some of the sports bars of the West Village.


On Carmine Street, where I used to live, at number 63, is Mr. Dennehy’s, which is an Irish pub as well as a sports bar. Try the Bangers & Mash, or the Shepherd’s Pie. And Happy Hour is Monday through Friday, from 4 to 8. They have lots of big screens visible from the bar or the tables. It’s just a fun and comfortable place.

Not far from there, close to Sheridan Square, at 15 Barrow Street, is the Barrow Street Ale House, on the same block as our friends at Greenwich House. What a great little street that connects West 4th Street to 7th Avenue South near Bleecker Street. This former stable and carriage house was also once a jazz club where Miles Davis used to play. The bottled and draft beers are too many to list, so stop in sometime – their kitchen is open until 3 A.M.

tvNow I haven’t been to the Windsor yet, but can’t wait to go. According to their website, each booth is equipped with its own flat screen, high definition television. How cool is that? And the New York Times wrote about it here. The corner of West 4th and West 10th is not exactly where I would expect to find a sports bar, but then again, I don’t expect a sports bar to have Truffle Grilled Cheese on the menu.


And finally there is the Riviera, on 7th Avenue South which is also a great place for brunch and people-watching. Just make sure you know before you go in that the Riviera is Boston Red Sox country. It’s OK, it’s the Village. We’re open-minded.

So go have some fun and support the businesses that make Greenwich Village such a special place!


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