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Thirsty Thursday! Some Cool East Village Bars

Looking for a cool place to hang in the East Village? We have a few ideas for you.  Since the Village abounds with some of the coolest places on earth to imbibe, this is really only a starting point.


Of course, we went out into the field to do some research! (it was our pleasure, of course…) What we found is that the East Village is truly chill and you have some serious decision making to do about where you would most like to hang in the ‘hood.

If you like a dive bar, 7B might be just your cup of tea.  Otherwise known as Horseshoe Bar or, sometimes, Vazac’s, most of us who love the place just call it 7B for the corner on which it is situated.  While the joint has known fame in Hollywood as a location for many a blockbuster film ( Godfather II, Serpico, Rent) and beloved television shows (Sex and the City, Law and Order) it is really just a great bar to hang in and one of the last vestiges of a bygone era of the neighborhood.  And it is the quintessential repository for rockers who’ve just finished a gig in a nearby club.  The beer is cold, the food is, well, bar food, ( but who cares at 2 AM ) and the pinball machines are jumping.

Delicious Elixir at Pouring Ribbons

If you prefer a more refined respite, check out the bar that’s getting all the well-deserved attention:  Pouring Ribbons.   Recently touted in The New Yorker, the second floor Avenue B bar is beautiful and comfortable; one of the few places in New York you can go without feeling rushed or crowded and still feel like you are in an intimate, hip spot.  The focus here is on the menu.  The owners take pride in the excellence and adventurous nature of their concoctions and thirsty customers will be both challenged and delighted by the creatively crafted offerings and the level of sophistication of both the environment and the elixirs.

Fair Folks and a Goat

If coffee is your drink of choice, there’s a little spot on East 11th Street that will be sure to entice.  “Fair Folks and a Goat’ is not your typical coffee bar.  In fact, it’s really a store that carries some great designs and just happens to serve some fantastic coffee as a bonus!  Try the iced coffee and go back to their well hidden garden to enjoy it.  If ever there was a New York secret, this is it, and the cat is out of the bag.

Perhaps a great juice is what the doctor ordered for the day.  The East Village has you covered.  With so many fabulous juice joints to choose from, we’ll highlight one of our favorites today:  Juicy Lucy’s on Avenue B between 5th and 6th Streets.  It might be one of the tiniest spots in New York, but don’t let that fool you. They serve up some awesome juices and will customize your own concoction.  Their menu is extensive and they serve up the freshest and coolest.

Let us know your favorite watering holes!



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