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Last Chance to Recognize Your Favorite Village Person, Business, or Organization….

One of the 2016 Awardees, Julius’ Bar

Today is the deadline for submitting a nomination for the 2017 Village Awards. We have already received many nominations, but we know that you know the perfect unsung hero deserving of an award.  Don’t wait, let us know today! Use the easy form below.

GVSHP has been presenting our Annual Village Awards since 1991 to acknowledge the individuals, organizations, places and businesses that make the Village such a great place. Past awardees include people, block associations, restorations, gardens, parks, restaurants, specialty shops, bookstores, schools, cultural organizations, statues, and community groups.  The awardees are as unique and varied as our neighborhoods. Check out the list of previous winners.

Strand was nominated many years in a row before being recognized in 2016 with a Village Award

We get hundreds of nominations each year, so don’t be insulted or discouraged if your nomination does not result in an award this year. If you nominated someone last year or the year before, please feel free to do so again…sometimes we review the same nominee many years in a row before they make the final cut, since only about six can be given out in any year. It’s always helpful to know if there is a reason why this is the year that a nominee should receive an award. Let us know if a business is in danger of closing, a group is celebrating an important milestone, or to recognize a person with a lifetime of accomplishments.

If you think someone, something, or someplace is worthy, odds are other people think so too. Nominations are due TODAY SO DO NOT WAIT!

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