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East Village Cheese!

Photo courtesy of obviously wonderful.

Tonight is GVSHP’s Cheese Please! Members Only Summer Tasting at Murray’s Cheese.  We LOVE cheese here at GVSHP!  Murray’s is a beloved and renowned Greenwich Village staple, and has been a wonderful supporter of the neighborhood and GVSHP for many years.  While Murray’s serves so many New Yorkers from its West Village location, we thought we’d also tip our hat to a couple of cheese-loving destinations on the east side, each with their own unique offerings and histories.  Below we explore a few that provide East Village residents with fancy cheese and cheese that strikes their fancy.

East Village Cheese, 80 E. 7th St.

Photo courtesy of East Village Today.

Their name says it all: who they are and where they are located. Though in recent years they have moved from their Third Avenue location to their current home on 7th St., it is nice to know this small shop is still around and serving the community.  In 2015, GVSHP even honored them as a Business of the Month.

Russo’s Mozzarella and Pasta, 344 E. 11th St.

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats.

Located a stone’s throw from the GVSHP offices, Russo’s is your East Village location for fresh pasta, cured meats & smoked mozzarella, plus other Italian specialty items.

Barnyard Cheese Shop, 168 Avenue B

Photo courtesy of EV Grieve.


Located in Alphabet City, Barnyard describes themselves as a “classic cheesemonger also carrying a variety of charcuterie, salads, soups, sides & sandwiches.”

Any shops we might have missed? Comment below and let us know your favorite spots for cheese in the Village!

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