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How well do you know the Village?

GVSHP partnered with the Village Alliance and Urban Archive to host a scavenger hunt in the Village on September 15, 2018. One team got all 30 questions right – can you match their knowledge of the Village? We’ll give you the first one free- it’s the meeting spot of the Scavenger Hunt at Washington Mews. Now you just have to figure out the other twenty-nine!

Today we give you just a few clues – download the free Urban Archive App and access all 30 clues here. The password is 123. All images below are from the GVSHP Image Archive. If you enjoy this one, try the one we did last year focusing on the East Village. This one was a bit harder, no team answered them all; twenty-six out of thirty was the highest score.

Clue #1: Rent this former carriage house for a cheap 30k per month. One parking spot included!

Clue #5: This still extant Anglo-Italianate building was built in 1855 for the New York City Board of Education as a school for girls. Landmarked in 1998, it is the oldest building on this block by almost 50 years.
Clue #13: Once the Place of a luncheonette it’s now a bank (and some other stuff too).
Clue #19: This 111-year-old building was demolished to make way for a much larger development. We can actually thank Robert Moses for keeping this section of the new development the same five stories as its predecessor.
Clue #28: Now yet another glass and steel building, on this site there once stood a home for geniuses.

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