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New Addition to Our Preservation History Archive Sheds Light on Charlton King VanDam Historic District on Its Anniversary

VanDam Street from the Evelyn B. Haynes Collection of Village Preservation’s Historic Image Archive.
Fifty-four years ago this week, the Charlton King VanDam Historic District was designated, only the fourth historic district ever designated in New York City and the first in Greenwich Village, with one of the oldest intact sets of buildings in New York City and the city’s highest concentration of Federal 1790-1835) and Greek Revival (1830-1850) houses.

Landmark designation of this incredible five-block enclave, where George Washington was once headquartered, the Vice-President of the United States once resided, and cultural luminaries like Leontyne Price and Elisabeth Irwin have lived over the years, did not just happen.  It was the result of concerted effort, research, and advocacy by preservationists in the earliest days of the city’s landmarks law.

One of those researchers and advocates was Evelyn Haynes. Haynes (1909-2001) was a preservationist, a former editor of Vogue, and a member of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in its earliest days. Her family generously donated her archive to us, which we have now digitized to share with the public. It contains photographs, sketching, writings, and historic materials connected to Greenwich Village, the Charlton King VanDam Historic District, and Lower Manhattan, especially Federal and Greek Revival row houses which were a particular passion of hers.
It’s the latest addition to our growing Preservation History Archive.
You can also view the Evelyn B. Haynes collection of our historic image archive for dozens of wonderful images of the Charlton King Vandam Historic District, Greenwich Village, and New York’s earliest landmarks.  Go here and click on “Charlton King VanDam Historic District” to learn or see more about the district’s history.

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