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On This Spot: Highlighting Women Artists

Here at Village Preservation we strive to highlight the lives and contributions of the many artists who lived, dreamed, and created profound works of art in our neighborhoods. Now, we’re excited to partner with On This Spot, a nonprofit digital mapping project, to do just that! On This Spot shares the inspiring stories of a diverse group of women artists’ lives through short documentary videos. In honor of the release of their first group of documentaries, we’re sharing the stories of some of our favorite artists and locations!

Miné Okubo

On This Spot – Miné Okubo from On This Spot NYC on Vimeo.

Miné Okubo is a pioneering Japanese-American artist credited with writing and illustrating the first true graphic novel. The graphic novel, called Citizen 13660, documents the struggles and achievements of the Japanese and Japanese American community as internees at the camps, and is based on Okubo’s own time as a captive during World War II. After her release, Okubo moved to New York City where she lived and worked at 17 East 9th Street.

Judson Memorial Church

On This Spot – Judson Memorial Church from On This Spot NYC on Vimeo.

Judson Memorial Church (55 Washington Square South) has served for decades not only as a diverse, justice-focused spiritual center, but also as a home for experimental, boundary-pushing art. Their mission statement says it all: “We believe that artists have the potential to serve as our modern-day prophets. They show us where we’ve been, who we are, and what we can become.” The short documentary from On This Spot highlights this history with a spotlight on the many women artists, dancers, and performers who used the stage at Judson to hold a mirror up to society.

Joan Mitchell

On This Spot – Joan Mitchell from On This Spot NYC on Vimeo.

Joan Mitchell’s celebrated Abstract Expressionist style has cemented her as one of the most influential artists of her generation. Mitchell made her home at 60 St. Mark’s Place in 1951 and maintained a residence in the East Village for much of her life. Her artwork and contributions to the art community of our neighborhoods helped make New York City a cultural, creative epicenter.

Make sure to check out the rest of On This Spot’s incredible collection of documentaries! Their other subjects, including Lee Krasner, the Village Voice, and Yayoi Kusama, to name a few, are sure to illuminate the history of our neighborhoods and inspire you along the way!

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