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Thrift Store Round-Up!

Here at Village Preservation, our love of preserving history and adaptive reuse extends beyond buildings to all manner of objects and materials that came before us. Luckily, our area is full of small businesses that share that same environmentally-conscious philosophy. We’ve previously shared some of our favorite thrift stores, and today we’re rounding up even more of the coolest, thriftiest shops in our neighborhoods!

AuH2O (84 East 7th Street)

AuH2O’s unique name is an amalgamation of Au, the periodic symbol for Gold, and H2O, the chemical formula for Water, to represent the last name of founder and owner Kate Goldwater. Goldwater opened this “thriftique” in 2007, and has provided the East Village with the funkiest, most unique secondhand, vintage, and recycled clothing ever since. AuH2O briefly closed their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, but has since reopened to the relief of our neighborhoods’ vintage devotees. Make sure to stop by and check out their stunning collection of accessories and clothes as well as their signature $5 and $10 racks!

2nd Street (110 University Place)

A previously-mentioned favorite of NYU students and long-time residents alike, 2nd Street boasts a variety of vintage and secondhand designer clothing. At this new location, garments are conveniently organized by size and designer. 2nd Street’s buying and donating services also guarantee you’ll find a new old garment to love every time you step through the door.

Crossroads Trading (47 West 13th Street)

Founded in 1991 by Jerry Block and Chip Gerken, Crossroads Trading was one of the first to pioneer the idea of secondhand clothing as an alternative to traditional retail and fast fashion. Their philosophy insists that fashion should not come at a steep financial cost or environmental cost, highlighting the vital connection between sustainability and preservation of all kinds. 

Mr. Throwback (437 East 9th Street)

Founded in 2012, Mr. Throwback may be better described as a vintage sports apparel store than a thrift store. Nevertheless, they are serving up some of the coolest, sportiest 1980’s and 1990’s threads in the country. Their wide-ranging collection includes apparel of all kinds from almost every American sports team imaginable. Hockey, basketball, and football players alike will be stoked to see threads ranging from championship memorabilia to the most obscure team merchandise at their East Village location. Prove your devotion to your team of choice by picking up a piece from this treasure trove of vintage sportswear!

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