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Meet the Fall 2023 Interns!

Village Preservation’s team is a strong one – we’re lucky to have a group of interns who are looking to gain experience in historic preservation in a non-profit environment. We usually have one or two new interns at a time, but this September we are excited to welcome five amazing new interns to the team!

New 2023 Interns (L. to R.) Bryan Rivera, Hannah Berry, Tara Ritz, Hannah Chacko, Camila Candelaria

Not to brag, but we know that our intern team is the best and brightest; organized, detail‐oriented, energetic self‐starters who care deeply about our neighborhoods and their architecture, cultural history, small businesses, and eclectic local institutions and residents. Interns assist our staff to take on educational, programming, advocacy, research, administrative, and fundraising projects.

Bryan Rivera and Cami Candelaria

Village Preservation is partnering with City-As-School (CAS) to host interns through the 2023-24 school year. Founded in 1972, CAS is located on Hudson and Clarkson Streets. It is the oldest alternative public high school in New York City and its students learn and earn credits by working in a series of internships.

Cami (they/them) is a creative individual and is interested in art, design, and learning more about the area. They are interested in working on our kids ed program, including outreach and assembly of art projects. They are also open to learning more and helping in any capacity

Bryan’s family is from El Salvador, and he now lives in Flushing, Queens. This is his first internship working in an office, and he is excited about this change of pace and the opportunity to learn new things. His goal is to go to trade school to become a certified mechanic. He chose this internship because he really likes architecture and loves to see how society has changed throughout the years, from the shapes and purposes of old buildings to the new ones. He hopes to take away a newfound appreciation for our old and new city.

Hannah Chacko

Village Preservation is very fortunate to partner with the Public Service Scholar Program at Hunter College. The ambitious, experiential program provides undergraduate scholars with academic coursework as well as practical application. The curriculum gives the student an understanding of how the city organizes services and the social policies that shape it; economic, social, and political concepts that underlie the city government’s role in programs and policies, and the values and beliefs that shape their development, and the underlying principals of the functioning of non-profit and public service organizations. This is our sixth year in partnership with Hunter College, and we have been both honored and grateful to be a part of the education of these fine students.

Our 2023-24 Hunter Public Service Scholar is Hannah Chacko. From Ridgewood, Queens, she is currently a junior. As an emerging media major, with a minor in Spanish, she is driven by her passion for designing and making a meaningful impact through her creative work. Her long-term goal is to create media that not only entertains but also raises awareness of significant social concerns such as gentrification, homelessness, and food poverty. Being an intern at the Village Preservation, Hannah seeks to understand the work behind the preservation of historical buildings, and what it takes to save communities from displacement and unaffordable housing.

Hannah is thrilled to join the Village Preservation team and looks forward to expanding her expertise in design, research, and archival work. She is excited about connecting with local communities and contributing to the crucial work that the organization undertakes. Hannah hopes to gain further insight into landmarking and zoning processes and to uncover more about the neighborhood’s cultural and architectural histories.

Hannah Berry & Tara Ritz

Hannah (L) and Tara (R)

Originally from Los Angeles, Hannah (they/she) has long been fascinated by cities and the intricate ways in which they function. Hannah relocated to the East Coast to attend Mount Holyoke College, where they earned a dual degree in Architectural Studies and Dance, and completed a thesis that developed a method of using dance improvisation to observe and analyze urban environments. During their college years, Hannah consistently visited friends in NYC and was captivated by the density of culture, art, and architecture that the city boasts. As a result, they promptly moved to Brooklyn after graduation. Over the past eight months, Hannah has been getting acquainted with the architectural landscape of the city, including a recent internship with an architecture firm, and has also been immersing themselves in the NYC dance and performing arts communities.

Tara has always had a deep interest in history, literature, and music. Originally from Rockaway, New Jersey, she often visited her extended family in New York City. These interests flourished as she learned about the many music and literary icons that called the Village home. Influenced by her musically driven family, she grew up wishing she were old enough to attend shows at CBGB and the Palladium. Currently pursuing a Masters Degree in historic preservation at Pratt Institute, she hopes to perfect her research, documentation, and advocacy skills in order to uplift unheard histories. She believes that preserving the built environment through landmark and zoning protections is one of the most effective ways to ensure that the heritage, culture, and legacies of these iconic neighborhoods stays alive. 

Tara joins Village Preservation eager to learn more about landmarking, zoning, and preservation. She is excited to be given the chance to work within and give back to the community that has given her inspiration and a sense of belonging. A goal Tara has while interning for Village Preservation is to advocate to preserve LGBTQ history in New York City.  

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