Research and Preservation Associate

Chloe Gregoire (pronouns: she/her) is our Research and Preservation Associate, researching and documenting the history of Greenwich Village, the East Village and NoHo, and helping to advocate for landmark and zoning protections for these historic neighborhoods. She has been an intern at Village Preservation since September 2022. In that role, she has assisted on various research projects, including helping to establish a timeline and other details about small businesses in the West Village. She has also assisted us with outreach and establishing new connections for our Small Business, Big History program. Chloe is a native New Yorker who feels a special connection to the Village, spending many weekends at her grandmother’s apartment on Washington Square. It was during walks with her grandmother that she learned to “look up” at the historic buildings around her. In May 2023, Chloe graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Urban Studies and Classics. She wrote her capstone project about the history and implications of NYU’s expansion and development throughout Greenwich Village.

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