388 Hudson Street Affordable Housing Development Public Meeting Next Tuesday, September 12, 5:45-8pm

The City has scheduled its long-promised public meeting about a planned affordable housing and community facility development to be built at 388 Hudson Street (at Clarkson Street), on what is now empty City-owned land atop the Water Tunnel No. 3 entrance. Called a “Community Visioning Workshop,” it will take place on Tuesday, September 12 from 5:45 to 8pm at the 75 Morton School Library at 75 Morton Street. This may be the only public meeting the City holds before requests for proposals are issued to develop the site.

Village Preservation welcomes the development of affordable housing at this vacant, city-owned site. We also believe that it’s critical that the design, scale, and massing of the proposed development relate well to its surroundings, at the cusp of the Greenwich Village Historic District and Hudson Square, and that it not adversely impact the highly utilized J.J. Walker Park across the street with shadows.

We strongly urge all who are interested in the future and development of this site to attend the meeting and provide input. We also urge you to share your thoughts regarding development of the site with decision-makers.

Aspects to be determined about the project include:

  • How large and tall will it be, and how will it be massed?
  • How much affordable housing will it include?
  • How much community facility space (like public recreation space) will it include?
  • What kind of affordable housing will it include? What income levels will it serve? What size units? What size households? Will the housing serve people with special needs, such as seniors needing assistance, people with disabilities, the formerly homeless, etc.?

If you want to share your opinions about the planned development, email the following:

For more information on this project, see our webpage here.

September 5, 2023