Explore Village Preservation’s New Website-Wide Search Function

Man using a laptop computer with a website search bar
Photo by Suriyawut/Vecteezy

Village Preservation’s website has literally hundreds of thousands of pages of information about the history of our neighborhoods, from a variety of sources: original documents, VP-commissioned or -produced reports, programs, digital maps and tours, blog posts, advocacy campaigns, landmarks applications, historic images, and more. But with all that material, sometimes getting to the piece of information you’re looking for about what you’re looking for can be, well, a little challenging.

It just got a lot easier. With our new website-wide search function, you can search through all elements of our website quickly and easily and in one place. Want to see everything we have on Jane Jacobs? Search for information based upon an address? Explore African-American or LGBTQ+ history? Just head to the search — on desktop, click in the upper right corner of every page, post, etc. on our website (marked by a magnifying glass); on mobile, click in the upper right corner, then scroll down — and see what you find.

Village Preservation’s website gets over a million views annually, sharing knowledge and understanding of the rich history of Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo, and the value of historic preservation. Our new sitewide search function makes sharing and connecting even easier! 

July 11, 2023