LGBT Landmarks to be Heard Tomorrow – Send a Letter Today

(l.) The LGBT Community Center, 208 W. 13th Street, built 1869, 1899; (r.) the former Gay Activists Alliance Firehouse, 99 Wooster Street, built 1881.
Tomorrow the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) will hold a public hearing to consider landmark designation of the LGBT Community Center at 208 West 13th Street and the former Gay Activists Alliance Firehouse at 99 Wooster Street, two LGBT historic landmarks Village Preservation proposed for landmark designation in 2014 and has been campaigning for ever since.  These are among six sites connected to LGBT history which the Commission is considering for landmark designation tomorrow.

Amazingly, until 2015, there were no sites in New York City landmarked primarily for their connection to LGBT history.  That year, the City landmarked the Stonewall Inn, which Village Preservation had also proposed for designation in 2014 and campaigned to see landmarked.  These are the first new LGBT sites that the LPC is considering for landmark designation since then.

Village Preservation has made recognizing and protecting the history of underrepresented groups and civil rights history connected to our neighborhoods a critical part of our mission – read more about these efforts and other LGBT sites we have fought to have recognized and protected here and here.

Send A Letter Urging the City to Landmark These LGBT Historic Sites – CLICK HERE
 Attend the hearing at the LPC tomorrow starting at 9:30am at the Municipal Bldg., One Centre Street, 9thfloor.  Testify in support using the letter here as sample testimony or just come to show support.
June 3, 2019