Merchant’s House Museum Threatened by Proposed Development Next Door — WRITE NOW!

Merchant’s House Museum (center, white) with the proposed new construction next door (brown)

Hot on the tail of yet another neighborhood building being damaged and vacated by next door construction, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) will on Tuesday reconsider a nearly three-year-old proposal to allow construction next door to and directly abutting the fragile 1832 Merchant’s House Museum, which is a local, state, and national landmark and invaluable public institution. With little advance notice, the LPC has added the item to its Tuesday public meeting agenda, meaning the public will not be allowed to speak on this important topic, but only submit written comments in advance. The museum has expressed grave concerns about the impact such construction would have on their building, the damage it would do, and the closures of this cherished public institution it would lead to. We share many of those concerns — read our testimony to the Landmarks Preservation Commission HERE.

Unfortunately, city agencies have proven themselves time and again unable to protect neighboring properties when construction next door takes place. And the Merchant’s House is a particularly fragile and vulnerable potential target, with the public suffering the most if damage is done.


Please be sure to send your message by Friday at 5pm if possible, and no later than Monday at noon.

December 7, 2023