More Exciting October Programs Highlight Martha Graham, Free Speech Movements, and Macabre Greenwich Village

We have some exciting new additions to our October program calendar to share with you:

19 Monumental Poses

A Collaboration with Martha Graham Dance
part of Village Voices 2022
Friday, October 14, 2022
2 – 4 pm
Free, in-person event
Register here

Location: A Monument to Choice in Gansevoort Plaza at Little West 12th Street (38 Gansevoort Street)

Dancers from Graham 2 will host this free workshop offering an opportunity to learn Martha Graham’s 19 Poses at the VILLAGE VOICES installation A Monument to Choice.

Taken from groundbreaking seminal Graham works, the 19 Poses embody power, determination, resilience, and more. They are a perfect complement to the Monument to Choice, and the workshop will include a photo session on the monument for anyone so inspired.

A Monument to Choice is a physical platform that carries the inscription “I Stand for Choice.” It is an experiential installation, a part of VILLAGE VOICES 2022, where people can rise up to show their support in standing for choice in all its meanings and iterations; it is a destination to make a statement.

More info and registration here.

Radical Social Movements in the Village and the Battle for Free Speech

Tuesday, October 25, 6 pm ET
A Zoom Webinar
Pre-registration is required

Our neighborhoods at the turn of the 20th century were the center of numerous major movements seeking social change: labor, peace, birth control, civil liberties, and women’s rights, among others. Central to every one of these movements was an underlying principle: free speech, the right to dissent, to criticize, to protest. From Union Square to the Cooper Union, mass meetings inspired each movement, and allowed significant overlap and exchange between them. Join us as a panel of distinguished scholars and activists explores the importance of free speech campaigns in the trajectory of these movements, including how censorship both fractured and united these movements in common cause, and how the movements themselves served as crucibles in the modern American battle over free speech. We’ll particularly focus on the struggle for reproductive rights and labor-union organizing, and shed light on the insights that these histories offer into the current political moment.

More info and registration here.

Macabre Greenwich Village Walking Tour

Friday, October 28, 2022
6 – 8 pm

Registration required

Celebrate the Halloween season with Village Preservation as Joyce Gold returns this year with her Macabre Greenwich Village walking tour. Some of the spookiest stories in New York — murders, hangings, explosions, famous missing persons, specters, hauntings, and ghosts — are all around our neighborhood if you know where to look.

Highlights include Washington Square Park graveyard, the 19th-century Jewish graveyard, Newgate prison, the murdered architect, America’s most famous missing person; the hangman’s house, Edgar Allan Poe’s home and his inspiration for The Raven, and much more.

More info and registration here.

We also still have previously advertised upcoming October programs on the history of Lower Fifth Avenue, Jewish History South of Union Square, and Richard Barone’s Music + Revolution: Greenwich Village in the 1960s — more information and registration here.

October 8, 2022