New Historic Image Collection Captures Four Decades, Lost Institutions, 9/11, LGBT Celebrations

Today we are proud to share the first part of a collection of hundreds of photos donated by longtime Greenwich Village resident Robert Fisch, primarily of the Greenwich Village of his youth in the 1980s, landmarks and familiar sights of the neighborhood and city in the decades since then, the former World Trade Center and 9/11, and the annual Gay Pride Parade.

Fisch grew up in Queens where the sight of the supersonic Concorde flying overhead sparked an interest in photography. He came to the Village as a teenager in the early 1980s to participate in the Gay and Lesbian Youth of NY program at the LGBT Community Center, and to find a welcoming community. He has lived in the West Village since 1991, and has continued to document the neighborhood and city around him, from architecture and skylines to sunsets, graffiti, and street art, with an eye toward beloved local businesses, landmarks, and figures. He now shoots digitally, documenting the annual LGBT pride festivities among other events, including the tragic September 11th attacks and their aftermath.

Have older images of our neighborhoods, of NYC landmarks, or of lost or changed local sites you’d like to share with us and the public? Email Your contribution supports historic preservation. 

January 25, 2022