New Research and Supporters Power Push for South of Union Square Landmarking

Our latest research has uncovered fascinating information about the significance of our proposed South of Union Square Historic District and the buildings within it. That includes trailblazing female engineers at the turn of the last century who helped build some of New York’s most iconic skyscrapers; a rags-to-riches immigrant who dedicated his life and fortune to improving the lot of thousands of other newcomers to this country; bold innovations in fire safety technology following the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire; and much more. READ OUR LATEST SUBMISSION TO THE LANDMARKS PRESERVATION COMMISSION WITH ALL THE HISTORY HERE.

This new research has also engendered new support for our proposed South of Union Square Historic District, including from the National Women’s History Museum, among others. READ THEIR AND OTHER LETTERS OF SUPPORT HERE.

The area of Greenwich Village and the East Village South of Union Square contains a remarkably rich array of sites connected to civil rights, social justice, and artistic and cultural history. However, the area faces intense pressure for demolition and new development, especially since the approval of the 14th Street Tech Hub in 2018 by Mayor de Blasio and Councilmember Carlina Rivera. Village Preservation has continued to build support for landmark designation of this area.


May 13, 2022