Revised Changes to Rules Governing Landmarking Process Passed – A Victory for Preservation

We are pleased to report that last week the Landmarks Preservation Commission passed a revised set of changes to their rules governing how, among other things, changes to landmarked buildings and buildings in historic districts will be considered. GVSHP strenuously objected to the original proposed changes, heard in the spring, which we felt would have “cut the public out of the process” in too many cases. 

We rallied public support demanding that important proposed changes to landmarked properties remain within the public review and approval process.  After the outcry against the original proposed changes, the Chair of the Landmarks Preservation Commission announced her resignation. Under new leadership, the Commission revised the proposal, eliminating most of the objectionable elements GVSHP and others had protested, allowing the public to continue to remain informed of and part of the landmarks review process. A new public hearing was held on the revised proposal.

We are satisfied with the final outcome, which continues to allow the public to be notified of, provide information about, and offer testimony regarding the same proposed changes to landmarked buildings as before. Thank you to everyone who wrote the Commission and the Mayor about this, and who attended public hearings. You made a difference!

December 17, 2018