Update on 5G Tower Planning

Last week, Village Preservation and fellow preservation groups met with representatives of the company behind the planned installation of 32-ft.-tall 5G towers throughout New York City to discuss our concerns about the proposal and process. Village Preservation and other preservation organizations have been named “consulting parties” for the required historic preservation review process for this wide-ranging plan. We are very concerned about the lack of information that has been provided about the siting of the towers and the lack of consideration of their impact on historic resources, which the law is intended to protect.

The meeting confirmed that any siting or even review of proposed siting of these towers remains on hold pending resolution of the issues and concerns we have raised. Additionally, we have been told that the applicant will provide a comprehensive catalog of the location of all proposed towers, so their cumulative impact can also be reviewed. Such information will be shared with the public when available.

More information on the process and the latest details shared about the 5G tower plan can be found HERE and HERE

August 14, 2023