Urge the LPC to Restore West Village Icon “Twin Peaks,” 102 Bedford Street

Nearly two months after Village Preservation first pointed out to the Landmarks Preservation Commission that permits were incorrectly issued allowing a battleship grey and beige/cream makeover of the iconic West Village landmark “Twin Peaks” at 102 Bedford Street, the Commission has still not taken action to rescind the permits or correct the stultifying paint job which has removed the building’s defining exuberance and whimsy.

In early June, Village Preservation provided the Commission with irrefutable evidence that the permits it issued at staff level without a public hearing were not a “restoration of historic conditions” as claimed.  The building, long a symbol of Greenwich Village Bohemianism and high-spiritedness, originally had a “rainbow-hued” paint scheme. More than a half century ago, it received the “chalet-style” paint scheme most of us know it by. The new dark grey and beige/cream paint job has no historic precedent and no relation to the unique spirit and character of this building.

Local elected officials have joined Village Preservation in calling upon the LPC to correct this serious mistake. The LPC has not yet formally responded to any such letters nor taken any action, which is why we are now urging the public to write the Commission to call upon them to act.
Urge the Commission to finally take action to correct their mistake and restore Twin Peaks.
July 31, 2017