Bar Historians in Conversation: McSorley’s and Julius’

Hoist a pint with bar historians Tom Bernardin of Julius’ and Bill Wander of McSorley’s, two storied Village bars founded in the mid-1800s. Tom and Bill are holders of bar histories spanning generations. Their taverns have seen sawdust on the floors and horses waiting outside to surviving prohibition, sip ins, opening up to women and LGBTQ folks, and much more. With humor and curiosity, Tom and Bill will share and compare some of the juicy (and boozy) details of these establishments and their incredible photo collections. They will delve into what they’ve learned, people they’ve met, and the bars’ roles in shaping their neighborhoods, while also illuminating the particularities of being bar historians.

Co-sponsored by the Salmagundi Art Club.

This event is not fully accessible.

Friday, March 16, 2018
6:30 pm

The bar at the Salmagundi Arts Club, 47 5th Ave