City of Sedition: New York and the Civil War Book Talk

New York played an immensely contradictory role in the Civil War – no city was more of a help to Abraham Lincoln and the Union war effort, or more of a hindrance. No city raised more men, money, and material for the war, and no city raised more hell against it.

In City of Sedition, author and historian John Strausbaugh reveals a motley crew of New Yorkers who seized wartime opportunities to amass capital, create new industries, and expand their markets, laying the foundations for the city’s and the nation’s growth. Now-famous characters and locales all played their part, including newspaperman Horace Greeley; Village bohemian writers Walt Whitman and Fitz-James O’Brien; the 15th Ward, the only in the city to vote for Lincoln in both 1860 and 1864; and a mysterious owner of a Village violin shop who apparently colluded with John Wilkes Booth. After this illustrated discussion, Strausbaugh will answer questions and sign your copy of his fascinating book (available for purchase at the event).

Thursday, December 8, 2016
6:30 pm

Hudson Park Library, 66 Leroy