East Village Building Blocks/ Morrone Report Talk at Little Missionary Day School

Learn about Village Preservation’s effort to raise awareness and appreciation of the East Village’s rich history, and to advocate for its preservation. From the recently released report A History of the East Village and Its Architecture to the online resource East Village Building Blocks, with information on each of over 2,200 buildings in the neighborhood, learn more about this neighborhood’s 350-year history and efforts to protect it. The story of the East Village extends from Dutch settlement in the 17th century, to its development in the 19th century as a prosperous merchant burg and immigrant gateway, its evolution in the 20th century from an epicenter of abandonment and blight to a center of cultural innovation and rebirth, to its struggle in the 21st century to maintain its identity in the face of renewed popularity and success. The program will be hosted by the Little Missionary Day School, founded by Sara Curry and serving the East Village since 1896.
With presentations by Sarah Bean Apman, Director of Research and Preservation, and Andrew Berman, Executive Director, Village Preservation.

This event is accessible

Thursday, October 3, 2019
6:30 pm

Meet at the Little Missionary’s Day School, 93 St. Mark’s Place