For The Records — The Legacy and Lessons of Bleecker Bob’s: A Film Screening & Discussion

When Bob Plotnik quit law to open up a record store in Greenwich Village in the ’60s, the only thing he wanted was to get hold of his favorite street doo-wop records ahead of everyone else. He couldn’t have known that the store would still be there nearly 50 years later. And though “Bleecker Bob” is identified with some of the great names of rock and roll through the decades, and especially downtown movements from the Village’s folk scene through punk, new wave and alternative music, now, time is finally catching up with the oldest record store in the Village. For the Records, a documentary film by Emily Judem and Hazel Sheffield, explores Bleecker Bob’s impending closure and the nature of change and development in an urban setting. The film screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.

Monday, February 25, 2013
6:30 pm

The New School, Orozco Room, 66 West 12th Street, 7th floor