GVHD50: Bike Tour of the Greenwich Village Historic District

This exciting ride celebrates the charming buildings and off-the-grid streets of the Greenwich Village Historic District. We’ll take riders on a tour of some of the treasures of the Greenwich Village Historic District, and highlight some unique buildings and places. The tour will be about 90 minutes, with multiple stops, and we’ll travel at a leisurely pace.
Our bike-riding guide, Harry Bubbins, is Village Preservation’s East Village and Special Projects Director. Harry coordinates our East Village work, advocating for expanded landmark and zoning protections, and working with our allies and colleagues to protect small businesses, and promote the arts.

This ride is part of #GVHD50. We’re marking this golden anniversary with programs that address the Greenwich Village Historic District’s history, preservation, architecture, culture, and more. Learn more at www.gvshp.org/gvhd50.

Thursday, June 13, 2019
6:00 pm

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