Schmaltzy: 5 dishes. 5 stories. So Jewish.

We join the Jewish Food Society for an evening of storytelling that combines two of our favorite pastimes: kibbitzing and eating, featuring a lineup of poets, chefs and food mavens that live, work and create in the Village. Hear the tales behind the recipes — then eat the food they made you crave. Join MC Mitchell Davis of the James Beard Foundation (a certified matzo ball king) and enjoy a feast of the dishes prepared by the storytellers themselves: Chef Nir Mesika of Timna; Marissa Lippert of Nourish Kitchen and Table; Ed Shoenfeld of Red Farm; Stacey Harwood-Lehman, Poet; and Zohar Zohar of Zucker Bakery.

Monday, November 6, 2017
7:00 pm

Salmugundi Club, 47 5th Avenue