Speakeasy Virtual Tour

Tuesday, August 30

6:00pm ET
A Zoom Webinar

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A century ago, in 1919, the 18th Amendment was passed which prohibited the ‘manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes’ – for 13 years! During this zoom tour we will explore the dynamics that led to this most unusual law and the most interesting ways in which people dealt with it or worked round it. Since this time also overlapped with the Great Depression, people had to get quite creative to have a grand time, which many of them definitely did – it was also the Roaring 20s and the Jazz age! How did people get their drinks? How did breweries survive? Where were all these speakeasies in NYC and which ones survive? While Harlem had many of the large famous establishments like the Cotton Club, the Greenwich Village and the East Village could hold their own with a large number of more intimate places of character: The Golden Swan was infamous and the favorite hang-out for Eugene O’Neill, Chumley’s survived as a center for Greenwich Village literates; the East Village had a good number of speakeasies, old and new, like Scheib’s Place/ Barnacle Tavern and Please Don’t Tell…

Which are the coolest new bars inspired by that time? How are the Mafia, Nascar and #86 connected? AND how did it finally end?! It is and intriguing story for sure, so pour yourself a drink and join us!

Sylvia Laudien-Meo (she/her) is an art historian who has worked throughout her career in several capacities: adjunct professor at FDU, gallery lecturer and educator at MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum and the Jewish Museum, walking tour guide for the Municipal Art Society and private clients. Born and raised in Germany she came to NY with a scholarship for Columbia Univ. and fell in love with the city, its rich culture and history, museum collections and special exhibitions, but also its neighborhoods and people. The past few years brought changes for most of us and for now Sylvia works remotely, taking her classes and groups on virtual tours throughout exhibitons and places, or exploring art related themes via shared slide presentations. She now lives in St Petersburg FL but hopes to be able to do in person art tours in NYC again soon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022
6:00 pm