Did you know that the first place in NYC where all four Hip Hop elements were presented together for the first time and outside of the Bronx was at a club/concert hall in the East Village?

The 2nd Birthplace Tour (Hip-Hop at 50 Tour) is a 2 hour walking tour (10 stops) that honors the artists & entrepreneurs; explores spaces and sites in the Village that were pivotal in introducing Hip-Hop cultural elements (B-Boying, DJ-ing, Graffiti, Fashion and Emceeing) to the world. During a pivotal 5-year period in Hip-Hop history (1979-1984) nightlife venues, art galleries, walls and parks throughout the Village functioned as a secondary incubator and stage for B-Boys, Graffiti artists, Emcees, DJs and designers creating what we now call Hip-Hop Culture. It’s part of a year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop, which began in The Bronx, but which grew and developed substantially in our neighborhoods.

Leading the tour is Tara Crichlow, aka “big tara,” a native of the Lower East Side. As a pioneering B-girl, MC, cultural ambassador, performer, and curator, she is dedicated to accurately representing New York’s underground music and dance culture. She has been featured in books such as Vibe Hip Hop Divas, We Bgirlz, Girls Got Kicks and God Save the Queens.

The exact meeting location will be shared one week before the event.

Thank you to the following people & organizations for their support in developing 2nd Birthplace: 36 Chambaz of Stylz, Big Tara,  CricketDJ SpinnaElena Romero,  Eric “DEAL”FelisbretFlashTalksJames Top, Justine Leguizamo, Keistar ProductionsKyra Gaunt, Leeanne G-Bowley, Martha DiazMichael Holman and Peaches Rodriguez  

Friday, August 11, 2023
6:00 pm

Friday, August 11th

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Outdoor Walking Tour

Pre-Registration is Required. Free

Waitlist Only. 

Meeting Place: Washington Square Park

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