The East Village Preserved: Breakfast Walking Tours of the Proposed East Village Historic Districts

Join Village Preservation’s Director of Preservation & Research Elizabeth Finkelstein for a breakfast walk around the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s proposed East Village Historic District. Centered primarily around lower Second Avenue, the buildings contained within the proposed district represent a number of significant eras in the history of this part of the East Village: from its early days as an elite residential neighborhood, to its transformation into an immigrant melting pot, to its pre-World War II years as a Yiddish entertainment district, to its late-20th century growth into a mecca for alternative culture. Tour participants will learn how to read a building’s architecture to understand its past, and will leave well-versed in what landmarking means for the neighborhood. Second tour held on 07/20/2011.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
8:30 am