The Fortune Society’s Village Roots

David Rothenberg is one of Greenwich Village’s most influential political activists. Originally drawn to the neighborhood’s open and accepting culture, he quickly became interested in the intersections between theater and social justice. After producing a controversial play on the lives of men in prison, Fortune and Men’s Eyes, David saw how theater could be a tool for healing and rehabilitation. He founded the Fortune Society to do just that in 1967, and today the organization serves approximately 6,000 people a year, offering a staggering array of services that help the formerly incarcerated thrive as happy and healthy members of society.

David recently shared his story with Village Preservation for an oral history interview, and at this live event he’ll dive deeper into his history with Greenwich Village and how the neighborhood shaped his personality and fostered his professional ambitions. David will discuss with politician and activist Tom Duane, followed by a short film of David’s life and a performance by Fortune Society clients that highlight the important work the organization does for thousands of New Yorkers each year. A reception will follow.

Monday, September 18, 2017
7:00 pm

Church of the Village, 201 West 13th Street