Village Voices: September 18–October 30, 2022

Village Preservation presents an engaging installation of exhibits displayed throughout our neighborhoods featuring photographs, artifacts, and soundscape recordings that provide entertaining and illuminating insight into the momentous heritage of our neighborhoods. We created VILLAGE VOICES 2022 to benefit Village Preservation and as a tribute to the community to celebrate and honor our neighborhoods. VILLAGE VOICES will be on display for several weeks for friends, neighbors, and visitors to discover and enjoy!

VILLAGE VOICES is dedicated to:

  • Arthur A. Levin, Village Preservation’s President Emeritus, whose devotion, wisdom, and steady hand has guided this organization for many, many years.
  • The marvelous trailblazers of our exhibition who have led the way and continue to inspire us onward.
  • The artists, commentators, documentarians, filmmakers, historians, journalists, musicians, narrators, oral historians, photographers, preservationists, professors, and experts who raised their voices to celebrate our subjects.

NY1 (also here and here)
New York Times
New School News
EV Grieve
NYC Arts (PBS)
Dance Enthusiast

Click here to view photographs from our collaborative event, 19 Monumental Poses, with the Martha Graham Dance Company at A Monument to Choice.

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Leslie Mason and Lannyl Stephens, Curators


Craig Newmark Philanthropies

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