Photographer Hank Weber captured this picture “Looking Up” in 1988. He was fascinated by the World Trade Center and this image captures the North Tower on the right with a section of the South Tower on the left.

Hank was a 1968 graduate of what is now Kean University. During his college years, he and his fraternity brothers often visited the Village. Bleeker Street was the place to go. He notes, “My first career position was on the floor of the Commodity Exchange where we traded gold, silver, copper, hides, and silk. This put me in the heart of downtown Manhattan, specifically, the Financial District. There I watched the building of the Towers as I walked from the PATH station to the Exchange. Every day proved to be an eyeopener due to the constant progress of the builders as they pushed up floor by floor. My younger daughter now lives in the West Village. We had a recent walking and driving tour during which I asked her “where’s Bleeker St”. She replied, “that’s it right in front of you Dad”. Oh well, so much for college memories.”

From: 9/11 Memorial Photos
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