Taken at Iris Photo Studio, Gaspare Fecarotta, proprietor, 199 Bleecker. New York Times obituaries confirm Perazzo Funeral home was already at 199 Bleecker in 1926, and there is no newspaper notice of M. Fecarotta or of the Iris Photo Studio, but it is possible that the studio was in another part of the building and relied on word of mouth—there’s no mention of any of the other Bleecker Street photo studios in the Times either. There is a news item that indicates that as of April 1932 Fecarotta owned 386 Bleecker, on the southwest corner of Bleecker and Perry Street, that he had a $45,000 mortgage on the building at Central Savings Bank, and that he took out a second mortgage of $3,000 from Mary R. Di Santi, the terms being three years at 6%, or $150 due to Di Santi every quarter.

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