APPROVED with modifications 03/05/2013

Greenwich Village Historic District
Between Jane and West 12th Streets


1) From the LPC agenda: A Greek Revival style house built in 1842 and altered in the early 20th century. Application is to alter the rear facade, excavate the cellar, construct a rear yard addition, and construct a rooftop bulkhead. Zoned C1-6.

2) LPC Designation Report: An architectural and historical description of the building is available in the designation report.

3) Photos of the application: Available in PDF.

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As of:

  • 3/5/13: Approved at today’s LPC hearing, and is now closed. They were okay with the single pane windows at the rear elevation, but felt that the top floor should be kept intact. The proposed bulkhead is minimally visible in their opinion.
  • 3/1/13: LPC hearing scheduled for 3/5.
  • 1/22/13: Application laid over at LPC. We just found this out today and will update this form once we learn more.
  • 1/9/13: LPC hearing rescheduled for 1/22.
  • 12/7/12: Hearing, originally scheduled for 12/11/12, has been postponed until a date TBD.